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Glass Replacement
We, of course, can replace most any type of glass you have in your home or business (we do not install auto glass). A very common glass problem is fogged insulated glass. Insulated glass is a product made at a manufacturing facility where two pieces of glass are sealed to each other with an air space between them, helping prevent heat and cold from passing through the unit. One problem with insulated glass is that this seal has a lifetime, and when the seal fails, fogging occurs between the layers of glass. Many factory windows come with insulated glass that is warranted to last only five years, so pretty soon after that five years are up, the glass starts to fog. This is recognizable by moisture collecting between the glass layers, and if left alone will eventually turn white from the staining of the moisture. The only remedy is to replace the sealed insulated unit, and we can do this in most cases. Our new units carry a ten year warranty against fogging because they are double sealed at the factory. We will be glad to give you a free estimate to correct that awful looking glass in your home and make it look like new!